Our company was founded on simple philosophy; offer our hometown and surrounding areas high quality solutions in the low voltage market while keeping our prices fair, treating our customers with respect and delivering a product with a level of customer service that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

With over 25 years experience in large cooperate low voltage companies, I discovered a few key factors that lead me to opening Coweta Alarm Tech.

• An opportunity to offer my customers a much more personal service. Without the outrageous mark-up prices needed to operate larger companies, it was very appealing to me to offer the same services to my customers at a fair price.

• High pressure sales people with no background in the industry may not be the best solution when a customer has a need. At Coweta Alarm Tech we take pride in the fact that we are technicians, we know the equipment, we install the equipment and that is important to us when we are in your home or business. With Coweta Alarm Tech you will never be over sold due to a commission based salary. We will meet with each customer, design the exact system that you need and treat your home or business like it was our own.

• The industry is driven by numbers, most companies concentrate on how many contracts they can get signed every month. At Coweta Alarm Tech you will never be asked to sign a long term contract. Our no contract monitoring philosophy is simple; we don’t want you to be our customer because there is a contract that binds you to us. We believe if we offer the level of service our customers deserve, then no contract is needed. We want you to be our customer because YOU want to be and that we delivered the level of service that you expected.

• With the large corporations, I lost the thing I enjoyed the most about my job, the people. It is very important to me that each and every customer feel important and treated with respect. At Coweta Alarm Tech customer service is very important to us. I am always a phone call away if you should need anything and when you need us we will always be there.